Houdini FX

Providing CGI-based VFX and R&D for clients, agencies and vendors such as Otomo FX, Passion Pictures, Time Based Arts, Electric Theatre Collective, The Mill, Framestore, DNEG, Ruffian Post, Field, Not To Scale, Drive Productions, AKQA, Nokia Corp, Yahoo and many more.


As a Houdini FX TD | Houdini Artist in addition to having previously been a Maya 3D Generalist for many years, this usually has entailed taking a project from it’s initial concept, R&D, and right through the pipeline to post-production and delivery.

Digital Art

With a background in traditional art & design media, fine art and flash motion-graphics. I have a broad knowledge covering most aspects of CGI, VFX and animation with an artist’s approach.


Whether it’s building new FX setups to be rolled into a production later, handing off setups to the team, or interesting visual exercises and motion-loop experiments.


London-based with 20 years experience working with both large and small clients to deliver a wide array of visual styles for everything from feature films to animated GIFs.

20 Years Experience

Quick Turnaround