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RBD Brick & mortar destruction, Vellum metal fire-escape deformation, Pyro & particles in Houdini.

Full Spot:

Project: Coca Cola ‘Could I Be Wrong?’

Working as part of the FX team on this super-hero themed commercial for Coca Cola whilst at Time Based Arts.  The work provided in Houdini FX included mainly RBD Destruction, Pyro dust and debris.

Time Based Arts
Creative Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
VFX Supervisors: Sheldon Gardner & Francois Roisin
3D Lead Artist: Mike Battcock
3D TEAM: Sam Osborne, Federico Vanone, Zoe Souittaux, Walter How, Nick Smalley, Tim Philips, Nigel Timms, Tom Di Stasio, Matt Evans, James Spillman, Vincent Techer, Fabrice La Nezet, Ben Cantor, Dave Loh, Magali Barbe, Florentina Perez, Bernardo Yang & Emma Malric
2D TEAM: Stephen Grasso, Thiago Dantas, Adam Paterson, Luke Todd, Ollie Ramsey, Matt Jackson, Manolo Perez, Grant White, Matt Shires & Will Robinson
Design: Tom Robinson & Stephen Ross
Concept: Diogo Costa, Yibi Hu & Ben Oliver
Colour Grading: Simone Grattarola
VFX Executive Producer: Tom Johnson
VFX Producer: Sean Ewins

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