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Project: Sky Cinema Launch

Working as part of the FX team on this epic launch promo for Sky Cinema whilst at The Mill.  The work provided in Houdini FX included a lot of particle R&D, Pyro and volume-based atmospherics.

The Mill
Client: Sky
Director: Aidan Gibbons
Creative Director VFX: Justin Bates

Producer: Shaun Adamson
VFX Supervisor: Tom Raynor
3D Lead Artist: Sam Driscoll, Tom Raynor
3D Artists: Ashley Tilley, Bernhard Eiser, Gareth Bell, Joanna Migodzinska, Matthew Fuller, Matthew Kavanagh, Philippe Moine, Alain Thay, Michael Hunault, Matt Evans, Ian Potsos. Audun Asa, Walter How, Tony Atherton
Concept Artist : Aurelien Ronceray Can Y Sanalan

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